Lunch on the lawn is at the Duck Pond Lawn every Tuesday and Wednesday for students to listen to live music, socialise and have a break from studying.

From 12:30 to 1:30 students can join the event and it’s on for the entire session with local music during lunchtime.

An international student at UOW Bing Liu said these type of events helps students to feel included and grow their network during their time at university.

“You really find that feeling of belonging…and then you can talk to other students no matter if you share the same culture or not,” she said.

“So I actually feel quite a lot of socialising and networking through all of these events I love it.”

Ms Liu said there are a lot of events for students to socialise and they’re helpful, especially for international students.

“I join quite a lot of activities …I join these kinds of events here and they really organise a lot of good events including international different kind of culture,” Ms Liu said.

Lunch on the lawn included students enjoying a talk with their friends and having lunch on a sunny day.

The singer and a previous student at UOW Rachel Tidbury said studying can be overwhelming and live music helps to ease the stress.

“I think it can get so stressful working on assignments, studying… and even just between the classes as well, it’s nice to just come out and especially on a day like today enjoy the sunshine,” Ms Tidbury said.

“I think live music just relaxes you…kind of refreshes you for the next part of the day.”

Ms Tidbury said these events at UOW have opened doors for my music career and have given me the chance to do what I love.

“Through performing here, there are so many people who listen in and even through just doing the Lunch on the Lawn I’ve had people from UOW networking events…definitely given me more opportunity to perform later in life,” she said.  

Those willing to sing at lunch on the lawn can fill out a form on the Pulse website or talk to a Pulse member at their office.

To support or for more information about Ms Tidbury’s music and more about what she does visit @racheltidburymusic.

Pulse has organised many other social events for students, including Weekly Trivia, Wellness Wednesday, Hula Hooping classes and Table Tennis Competition.

For more details about those events and other events visit the Pulse website