When his entire family was scammed, Jeff Sheppard started asking questions about who was responsible for his personal information falling into the wrong hands.

He found they had been SIM swapped, a method of scamming where hackers get access to your phone number, swap the number over to their own SIM card, and then have access to a wide range of personal information.

In most cases, much of the responsibility falls to banks to set up security measures to stop Australians’ money being accessed by the wrong people.

After the Australian Banking Association’s recent announcement of the Fraud Reporting Exchange – a new tool to let banks immediately halt transfers from hacked accounts – Mr. Sheppard started to wonder whether banks know where the hacks start from.

“I think if the banks knew that a lot of these problems stem from negligence in other departments, then maybe they can put more pressure on those departments to make changes,” he said.

Feature image via The Guardian