A University of Wollongong graduate has turned to crowdfunding to publish a book about childhood fears.

Karen Beilharz has raised almost half of the $9.900 needed to publish Monsters, a graphic novel designed to promote conversation between adults and children about fear.

Beilharz collaborated with prominent illustrators from the Australian comic community, including former Walt Disney animator René Pfitzner, and Ditmar award-winner Kathleen Jennings, to create the 76-page anthology.

“Often adults are mystified by the things that scare children,” Sydney-based mother-of-two Beilharz said.

“I think it’s important for parents to be able to grasp and see things from a child’s point of view, because it helps your child deal with their fears and strengthens the relationship between you.”

Early Education Senior Lecturer Dr Elisabeth Duursma said the book could prove a valuable tool for parents and children.

“If you have a book as a reference, it can make it easier for the child and the parent as well. If child asks a question and a parent just answers, then its gone, but with a book you can keep coming back,” Dr Duursma said.

The project has so far attracted 69 supporters on crowdfunding site Pozible and has raised more than $4000 of its $9,900 goal. Sydney company, Hivemindedness Media, plans to publish the book.