UOW students are planning to protest the UniBar decision to have all Tom Jones music removed from the jukebox because bar managers said his songs were played ‘too much.’

The protest planned for Friday outside of the UniBar, will be a show of solidarity with Jones, and to reclaim what organisers are calling, “their democratic right to listen to Tom Jones as loud as possible, and as much as possible.”

“This is our jukebox. Together we can set it free from the tyranny of like three people who work at UniBar,” a statement on the group’s Facebook’s page read.

UniBar manager Greg Valic said too many people have abused their right to freely play Tom Jones on the jukebox,

“Someone came in and kept playing a song over and over. Once or twice is fine, five or six times yeah we get it, but like 100 times, we kind of get sick of [it],” Mr Valic said.

“We’re gonna see how many people the protest attracts, hopefully not too many, but yeah, we’ll see.”

More than 100 students on Facebook have said they will attend the protest, and more than 200 have been invited.

UOWTV reached out to Tom Jones via Twitter for comment but he had not replied at the time of publication.