April, 8th 2020

Today in parliament, Scott Morrison makes a ministerial statement regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. His address rectifies the health and economy measures that are and will be put in place for Australia’s nation and sovereignty. 


“Today is about defending and protecting Australia’s national sovereignty. It will be a fight, it will be a fight we will win but it won’t be a fight without cost or without loss”, he states. 


The Prime Minister addresses some of the following measures:


  • Stay home, dont travel, don’t go away.
  • People coming back from overseas are required to self isolate for 14 days in designated facilities.
  • The National Cabinet further tightens restrictions to public gatherings.
  • Expansion of COVID-19 testing criteria to include people with fever or acute respiratory infections and under key categories. 
  • Strengthened Hospitals and aims to Triple ICU capacity.
  • Medical indemnity rules to encourage retired health workers to return to practice.
  • Supporting twenty thousand registered nurses to get online training to better deliver care in intensive care units. 
  • Viability of all six hundred and fifty seven private and non for profit hospitals across Australia. 
  • Suspension of non urgent surgery. 
  • Expanded medicare subsidised telehealth services. 
  • Extra incentives for GP’s and other health practitioners.
  • One hundred and twenty three million dollars available for targeted measures to assist Indigenous communities across Australia. 
  • Supporting Australians with disabilities through the efforts of The National Disability Insurance Scheme. 


The PM concludes these measures by stating the importance of continuing to self isolate for the next six months to reduce the curve and to save lives.

Gladys the NSW Premier also commenced a press conference today addressing the importance of social distancing even when the data shows a slow improvement and the potential lift of restrictions in later months.

“The risk is when you do relax the restrictions it does mean that there will be more people in intensive care units, more people getting the virus and unfortunately more people dying”, She states.

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