The City2Surf returned to Sydney on Sunday, with more than 70,000 people participating in the world’s largest fun run.

The 14km race, held to spread awareness and raise money for brain cancer, was made possible by the 2,500 volunteers working behind the scenes to ensure the event ran successfully.

City2Surf volunteer Maria Coiro said she was proud to be a part of an event so meaningful to the community.

“Seeing all the volunteers willingly raise their hands to ensure the day runs smoothly is incredibly inspiring,” Ms Coiro said.

“Without the amazing volunteers, the event wouldn’t be possible.

“I’m truly grateful to be a part of a charity event that means so much to so many.”

The City2Surf raised more than $3 million this year for brain cancer research charities, taking the total money raised to $52 million since the event began in 2008.

City2Surf participant Edie Koller said the event is something he admires and is grateful for the volunteers who ensure participants can enjoy themselves safely.

“The atmosphere of the day was unimaginable; everyone was cheering you on and holding you accountable,” Mr Koller said.

“The volunteers were amazing, ensuring everyone was okay. It was a really special day.”

The race finished at Bondi Beach, where participants and volunteers celebrated their hard work and achievements.

Registrations open for the 2024 City2Surf in March, with the event planned to take place on August 11.