A wellness workshop focussing on how to win a job by writing a stand-out job application and improving interview skills has been organised by UOW Pulse via Zoom.

Students learnt how to read a job application and effectively show their skills for a job of their choice.

Attendances were shown how to focus on their strengths and weaknesses by using the 5 D’s process – discover, dissect, develop, demonstrate, and discuss.

The Wellness and Events Lead from UOW Pulse Jaimee Evans said this workshop helped students to build their job applications and use the situation, task, action, and result (STAR) method.

“This hybrid-style workshop allowed students to share their thoughts and ideas, learnt how to reach out and network with organisations relevant to their field,” Ms Evans said.

“They also learned how to master the STAR method and applied this to current jobs they were looking at.”

This workshop also included how important it is to have experience in the field that students are applying for including professional, volunteer or/and academic experience.

According to The Australia Institute Research that Matter Report having a university degree is still valuable but even for graduates the employment challenges have become more difficult.

Ms Evans said it can be hard for students while searching for a suitable job but they shouldn’t give up and should build their connections.

“There can be feelings of uncertainty, stress and even worry when job hunting…keep putting your best self out there, grow your network and expand your knowledge,” she said.

In 2021 only 84.8 per cent of Bachelor’s degree graduates were employed four months after graduation in Australia which has decreased by one per cent since 2008.

In 2022, 87.1 per cent of the University of Wollongong graduates were employed after four months of graduation which was above the national average which was 86.3 per cent.

The Wellness workshop runs fortnightly until the end of the session and students can register for free.