Wollongong local Adam Everill is looking to tackle domestic violence in Papua New Guinea.

Everill who has a background in Rugby League, founded the group; Rugby League Against Violence, saying he was surprised that the game wasn’t already being used as a means for change.

“Rugby league hadn’t really been utilised very much as a vehicle for development and I couldn’t really understand why not, because if you look at rugby league in Papua New Guinea, they’re absolutely mad for it.”

The organisation is enforcing codes of conduct for local players in Papua New Guinea, aiming to combat the levels of domestic violence.

“We have a vision for a Papua New Guinea free from violence, where women and children can live without fear, and men are praised for speaking out against gender violence,” the group posted on their facebook page.

The Rugby League Against Violence team is holding a fundraising event tonight at Wollongong University’s UniBar, with the help of bands, The Herd, Thundamentals and Alotta Presha, in a hope to raise between 5 and 10 thousand dollars.


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