Live Art Week at the University of Wollongong kicks off next week.

From Monday students can participate in live art performances and workshops on campus for free.

A wide variety of creative pursuits will be on display including scrapbooking, sewing, and painting.

A pottery workshop will be held on Wednesday by Clay Wollongong.

Clay Wollongong owner Hannah Barclay said students can expect to have some fun and make a nice vessel to take home.

“[They can make] something fun, something that they want to put in their home whether it’s a mug or a vase or a little pot plant, they just think about it and we help them make it,” Ms Barclay said.

Clay Wollongong studio manager Kyati Suharto said the workshop will be using a pottery technique called hand building where students are given a slab of clay to cut up and shape into their design.

“If you haven’t played with clay before this is a really good chance for you to get into it,” she said.

Check out more below from Kyati Suharto on what Clay Wollongong offers.