A review of the Australian Physical Activity Guideline for children over five-years-old is expected to be released later this year, following the recent release of the revised guidelines for children 0-4 years.

The revised guidelines have adopted Canada’s approach to focus on physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep as a whole.

The 24-hour approach emphasises the integration of all behaviour, including sleep, as opposed to the previous focus which on physical activity and sedentary behaviours individually.

University of Wollongong researcher Dr Dylan Cliff, whose research focuses on supporting children’s development and health, said the new guidelines recognise it may not be enough for a child’s development to rely on being physically active and have limited screen time.

“Particularly in areas of emotional development and cognitive development in young children, sleep is very important,” Dr Cliff said.

Sixty minutes of physical activity every day is recommended.

The guidelines for infants, children, and adults can be found here.