“It was simply too good an opportunity to pass up,” said Associate Dean Professor Sarah Miller, and those of us listening to world-renowned curator Amanda McDonald Crawley couldn’t have agreed more.

Amanda pauses to answer a question

Speaking at the University of Wollongong today to a room packed full of enthusiastic listeners, Amanda elaborated on her inspirations, the works she had been a part of and much more.

With only an hour to speak, Ms. Crawley focussed most of her attention on her six and a half years spent as Director of Eyebeam in New York.

The lecture was packed full of fantastic artworks and anecdotes, like the “beer and pizza” nights held at Eyebeam where people met up once a month to collaborate and discuss their works.

“Her deep understanding of an area some are unfamiliar with and others are passionately engaged by is crucial to opening up a dialogue here at the University.

“We hope it served to inspire people in our own media arts department,” said Mrs. Miller.

Amanda’s current research interests are “Art, Food and Technology”, aiming to raise awareness of dubious practices all across the world and the rise of ‘food-like’ substances.

You can connect with Amanda here: http://about.me/amandamcdc and stay tuned to the Media Arts page at UOW for the lecture!