Marton Public School dug up a time capsule on Saturday to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The time capsule was buried by students 25 years ago.

School Principal Jody MacDonald opened the capsule at a P&C organised gala dinner amongst past, and current students, staff, and local residents. Ms MacDonald unveiled old school photographs, the original brown and yellow uniform, letters from students and staff, sports awards, and other school memorabilia.

The event allowed alumni to reminisce with their children, who currently attend the school.

Past student and father Adam Masters celebrated the school’s anniversary with his son Chase, who is in year 4 at Marton Public School.

“It’s crazy to see how far the school has changed,” he said.

“The photos inside the capsule were absolutely fascinating, especially to see the changes in the buildings and playground.

“My son is lucky to attend a school that reflects on its past to create future change.”

To further celebrate the milestone anniversary, the school held tours, band and choir performances, a P&C sausage sizzle and a cake stall.

Fellow past student and parent Jodie Tyndall watched the capsule’s opening with her daughter Olive who started Kindergarten this year.

“I was shocked to see photos with the old uniform in the capsule,” she said

“There’s definitely been a big improvement, it’s very classy now.”

Principal Jody MacDonald used the event as a chance to thank everyone who made the historic day possible.

“My teachers spent hours and hours setting this up,” she said

“I’m glad everyone was thrilled to see the capsule.”

The artefacts will be displayed in the library until the end of this week for those who could not attend the celebration.

The tradition continues as a new capsule with updated items is set to be buried for another 25 years. The new items are yet to be selected.