A new program has been launched to help women feel and be safer in Wollongong.

‘I Belong in the Gong’ is in an attempt to combat the issue of harassment of women in the city’s CBD.

The 12-month project is the work of the Wollongong City Council,  Multicultural Communities Council, NSW Police, Illawarra Multicultural Services and Strategic Community Assistance to Refugees (SCARF), and has drawn on survey and anecdotal evidence that highlighted harassment as in issue in the city.

‘I Belong in the Gong’ aims to to change the culture of what is occurring in the CBD by working with local security, police and retailers to establish spaces for women to go in the Wollongong’s malls if they are feeling unsafe.

“A city that’s safe for women is safe for everyone,” Wollongong City Council community safety offer Radder Jordan said.

The organisation recognised that while Wollongong’s CBD is a safe place, this precaution would make it a safer and enjoyable place for women.