Art is said to be in the eye of the beholder, but these school holidays it has been in the hand of Illawarra students.

Wollongong Art Gallery has held a series of workshops and activities to encourage and inspire creativity among the younger generation.

Art educators have run workshops on everything from landscape painting to sculpture to origami. Some of the workshops engaged in different art practices and encouraged participants to explore different cultures.

Art educator Skye Zaracostas said the young artists look to the teachers for guidance.

“I think if you make it fun and you’re not too regimented, children will just come in on your hype,” Ms Zaracostas said.

“If you’re enjoying it, and yu look like you want them to learn, and if it’s interesting, they stay interested.”

She said school holiday workshops are the ideal opportunity for children to sample different forms of art and learn about what is available to them.

The gallery offered a different workshop every day across the Spring break.