Australian millennials aren’t the biggest fans of politicians nowadays, according a new poll conducted by Deloitte. Generation Y, those born between 1983 and 1994, are becoming increasingly skeptical of politics and losing faith in politicians.

The annual survey found that 63 per cent of Australian millennials believe politicians do more harm than good in society.

Wollongong Socialists President Chloe Rafferty said there are numerous reasons why millennials are losing confidence in our politicians.

“The rising cost of living, the skyrocketing cost of for-profit education system, the amount debt people can expect to graduate with from university and now TAFE, the housing crisis and home ownership… so there’s a few.”

University of Wollongong Associate Professor of Sociology Richard Howson said the constant attacks and fighting within and among parties may be to blame.

“People in their mid-thirties and younger are seeing a completely different approach to political life that is damaging,” A/Prof. Howson said.

Interestingly, a third of Australian millennials feel positively about their futures compared to their baby boomer parents.