Corrimal’s The Arcadians Theatre Group is set to perform its production ‘Be More Chill’ on Friday, after a year of preparations and setbacks.

The group first tarted preparations for the production in May last year but due to lockdowns had to restart for 2022.

Performer Ashley Hayes said the cast was excited to finally be able to put on the show and she had noticed a change in the way audiences prepare for events.

“We’ve had to make so many changes and there has been so many disruptions but we are so excited to finally show everyone this amazing production,” Ms Hayes said.

“We’re noticing that a lot more people are planning on buying tickets close to the show. It used to be you would buy tickets months, even years in advance but that’s not the case now. The industry has changed, it’s no longer the show must go on, it’s please look after yourself first.”

The show will run at the Arcadians’ Miner’s Lamp Theatre in Corrimal from the 10th to  25th of June and will be one of the groups first shows since the pandemic lockdown in July last year.

Featured Image Courtesy of the Arcadian Theatre Group