An Australian Bureau of Statistics report has revealed about four million Australians are not getting enough Vitamin D. The study, released yesterday, was conducted in 2011 and 2012,  and revealed one in twenty Australians took Vitamin D supplements. It also found that 23 per cent of adults had a mild or a moderate deficiency. This rate was found to have risen during the cooler months, as people retreated indoors.

However,  in the Illawarra, various outdoor activities will continue to run this winter as a way for people can remain active and healthy. Surfing is one such activity that continues to be a popular,  even as the weather cools down. At Wollongong’s North Beach, the holiday surf program for Pines Surf Academy is booming with business, as children flock to the water to learn how to surf and soak up those rays of sunshine.


One in four adults are vitamin D deficient. Surf instructors Josh Chapple and Matthew Gillett from PinesSurfing Academy talk to UOWTV about their school holiday program, and how to keep kids active and involved outside, so they develop healthy habits as they grow.

Photos: Samara Gardner
Audio: Angelique Lu

Well@Work is a first-time program committed to providing a positive and healthy staff experience at UOW. Throughout 2014, the program will provide awareness on topics relevant to staff with the aim of supporting healthy lifestyle behaviours, particularly in the lead up to winter.

UOW Workplace Health and Safety Unit manager Darren Smith says the program and sunshine will bring plenty of benefits.

Well@Work will be launched on Thursday, 17 April, at 11am in the University Hall Foyer. Video Reporter Roseanne Scott