Wollongong students are participating in early voting for the voice referendum, as they possess tickets to attend the Yours and Owl’s festival.

The festival, scheduled for this Saturday, October 14th, coincides with the designated day for in-person voting. This alignment has prompted the students to cast their votes in advance of the festival’s commencement.

University of Wollongong student Issy Burge mentioned that she is opting for pre-polling to ensure she doesn’t miss the kickoff of the festival.

“I have a busy weekend at Yours and Owls and feel the need to vote early to stay on top of it,” she said.

“I am pre polling because voting is a compulsory task.

“I am politically involved but I personally don’t feel the need to waste time on the designated voting day.” She continued.

Research by the Australian National University said young people could decide the outcome of the referendum. With many Wollongong students prioisiting the festival, there is concern for how politically important the vote is to this demographic.

Byron Thake, a student at the University of Wollongong, shared that engaging in pre-polling has the distinct advantage of alleviating the pressure associated with voting.

“I am voting early because I would rather attend the Yours and Owls festival this Saturday,” he said.

“I feel the referendum is important but I don’t really hold an interest in it”.

More than two million Australians have already exercised their right to cast early votes.

For those festival enthusiasts who tend to delay their voting until the final day, note that voting booths will be accessible starting at 8 am on the 14th. Alternatively, consider taking the initiative to vote early and avoid any last-minute rush.