Today is World No Tobacco Day, declared in the 1980s by the World Health Organisation to discourage people from taking up smoking and engaging current smokers to quit.

However, in the wake of  new government regulations on vapes and e-cigarettes, the battleground has expanded.

In the following audio, UOWTV reporter Keeley Hurry chats with Harry, a UOW student who goes through a vape a week.

We also hear from UOW’s Dr Jody Moller, who is researching vapes and e-cigarettes. Dr Moller says cracking down hard on vapes will most likely result in more young people taking up smoking. Her solution is to apply equally strong regulations on smokes and vapes.

We learn, although vaping isn’t as bad as smoking, smoking a vape a week is the equivalent of smoking two packets of cigarettes a day.

information from Dr Jody moller by UOWTV

Image credit: Sunshine Coast News
Music credit: Blue Dot Sessions – Pat Dog