Uncertainty still surrounds the government’s May budget as SBS News reported.

Labor Senator Penny Wong is calling on the government to clarify its ideas.

“It’s a pretty chaotic and dysfunctional way to run the government and to run what is the most important set of economic decisions a government makes,” Senator Wong told ABC radio.

“The government has got to come clean with the Australian people and the parliament about what their plans are.”

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Her remarks come after Treasurer Scott Morrison MP all but ruled out tax breaks for individuals and businesses in the next budget as reported by ABC news.

“Well of course all of that… can’t be done in one budget,” he said.

“I think if there’s an expectation that every single one of those boxes are able to be ticked in one budget, that’s unrealistic.”

Rumours are still swirling that the government will bring the lower house back one week early and deliver the budget on 3 May.

This would allow the government to call a double dissolution election after Labor’s budget reply.

Among tax reforms mentioned by Morrison, a simplification of tax deduction procedures would attempt to cut $7 billion of refunds claimed on accountants according to smh.com.au.

llustration: Matt Golding. smh.com.au