Wollongong’s first record label to launch

Two local music businesses are merging to form Wollongong’s first record label that will be launched next month.

Music Farmers and Yours and Owls have both been involved in the music industry for quite some time and will be applying their expertise to the Farmer and the Owl label.

The collaboration will help Wollongong bands break through the industry and reach broader markets. Ben Tillman, owner of Yours and Owls says through a local label bands in the community will be able to reach more industry professionals through than they could alone.

“It’s a bit frustrating that there’s a lot of good bands coming out of the area and a lot of them don’t seem to progress past Wollongong,” he said.

The label will endeavour to provide a supportive community of bands all from the local area.

“The premise is to foster and nature the bands and provide support while also offering advice,” Ben said.

Jeb Taylor owner of Music Farmers says they will also help manage the bands.

“We’ve realised there’s a lot of local talent coming from Wollongong and there’s an opportunity to take that to the industry,” Jeb said.

One band that will be working with the label on their upcoming release is Hockey Dad.  They say that this label will have a positive impact on Wollongong’s music scene.

“I guess Wollongong has had a pretty average rep when it comes to music… I think this will help Wollongong rise up and make an impact,” says Billy the band’s drummer.

The other bands signing to the label will be announced at the Farmer and the Owl label launch party next month.

Watch a clip of Hockey Dad, who will be signed to the Farmer and the Owl when it launches next month:

Multimedia Reporter: Nina Ferguson


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