The Wollongong annual Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competition, held at the Snakepit stadium, saw an increase in popularity for the martial arts community. 

The competition attracted a large number of participants and spectators who showed up to support the event.

The event gave Illawarra athletes, like Kiyo Goncalves Matsugaki, the opportunity to showcase their ability and commitment to the sport. Matsugaki, a competitor in the adults/under 70 kg division, shared his thoughts. 

“When I started to fight I couldn’t think anything due to the sound that the crowd made,” Mr Matsugaki said.

“I was very surprised because I didn’t know that Jiu-jitsu in Wollongong is so famous, a lot of people are interested and practice the sport.

“But I like it. It was good and I am looking forward to the next competition.”  

The competition was carried out orderly and effectively with a number of the organiser team members being jiu-jitsu practitioners themselves. 

The event has seen a lot of improvement since its debut in 2020. Kester Yau, a member of the organiser team, shared his thoughts. 

“It is getting more and more organised, ” said Mr Yau.

“It was a good atmosphere. It was great to see the improvement of the event.” 

The event was held by the Grappling Fight Team, a world wide Jiu-jitsu organisation that has hosted multiple events throughout the world.