In honour of Small Business Month, Wollongong City Council has published an Investment Prospectus detailing how the city is changing to a growing business hub in the Illawarra regions, promising a future for local start-ups.

Wollongong City Council released a report stating how Wollongong is planning on offering the facility and office space to maintain a sustainable growth for local businesses. It highlights the potential benefits and distinctive environment for business to establish and grow in the long run.

Wollongong City Council’s General Manager, Mr. Greg Doyle shared his thoughts on the promising future of Wollongong’s local businesses.

“Many businesses and new residents tell us that they choose Wollongong for its lifestyle,” Mr Doyle said.

“It has the coastal vibe so we are a prime location for those who want to enjoy a more relaxed pace and lifestyle whilst also having easy access to the rest of the world.”

The city is offering a large talent pool, enhanced work – force balance, and a supportive business environment. With regards to competitive operating costs, Wollongong is an cost effective location for any start-ups in comparison to other regions.

Wollongong is also the home of innovative accelerators that commit to nurturing business ideas and maintaining sustainability of the economy. In partnership with the University of Wollongong, iAccelerate is one of the innovative incubators in Illawarra that provides world leading entrepreneurship courses.

iAccelerate’s business development and initiatives manager Ms. Rebecca Duldig shares her thoughts on the opportunities that the city is opening for local start-ups.

“Wollongong has a significant amount to offer, not just its coastal lifestyle,” Ms Duldig said.

“We’ve got heavy manufacturing capacity and heavy industry. As of recently, we have now acknowledged that Wollongong has a status of a renewable energy zone.”

Ms Duldig stated that the University of Wollongong itself has a large workforce to tap into including highly skilled graduates with big start – up ideas that are awaiting support.

“This opportunity is empowering people and young people particularly to start their own businesses,” she said.

“When we invent, we innovate, and we commercialise, we create more jobs and that is how we lift up our community as a whole.”

Last year, iAccelerate built over one thousand jobs in Wollongong through entrepreneurship and innovation programs, creating strong impacts on social level.

In celebration of Small Business Month this October, Wollongong City Council has a target to generate over ten thousand net new jobs in the next decades, and it is reported to have accomplished more than a half of this future goal.

Photo by Onin