Australia’s largest national road safety campaign will celebrate its 9th birthday next Friday.

Fatality-Free Friday implores Australians to sign a pledge, to drive safely and ensure a Friday free of road fatalities. With over 50,000 people having already pledged to drive safer on our nation’s roads the success of the day only continues to thrive.

The death toll from crashes on our roads stands at more than five people a day. The fatality-free Friday campaign claims “if drivers are asked to actively concentrate on road safety and safe driving for just one day in the year, they’ll drive safer for the next few days too and, over time, change their outlook completely, consciously thinking about safety each and every day they get behind the wheel.”

Representatives from the campaign were at UOW today and, with support from UOW Wellbeing, students were implored to sign the pledge, promising to concentrate on driving safely for a day. Mobile reporter Natalie Wolfe found out why the pledge is so important.