Brisbane blogger Amy Darcy will walk 100 kilometres this week as part of CARE Australia’s ‘Walk In Her Shoes Challenge’ to support women in developing countries.

Mrs Darcy is encouraging her readership to take up the Walk In Her Shoes challenge on her lifestyle blog ‘Eat Pray Workout’ ,which was started in 2012.

“The purpose of ‘Eat Pray Workout’ is to encourage people to live a healthy, holistic lifestyle that works around the demands and realties of ‘the daily grind’,” she said.

“Walk In Her Shoes encompasses all of these values and allows us to better the daily lives of women and girls who are not as fortunate as myself or my readers.”

Mrs Darcy said the blogging platform is unique in connecting with, and motivating people to participate in the challenge. “It’s (blogging) intimate. It’s amazing the trust you can build when you share (the) intimacies if your life together.”

Amy Darcy discusses the ‘Walk in Her Shoes Challenge’ with her ‘Eat Pray Workout’ readership. Source: Eat Pray Workout Youtube

Taking place between March 16-22, Walk In Her Shoes encourages Australians to walk 25km, 50km or 100km during the week and raise sponsorship dollars. The funds will be used to provide food, water and educational opportunities to women and girls living in poverty.

In an article for the Illawarra Mercury, CARE Australia CEO Julia Newton-Howes said women in underprivileged countries have to walk an average of 6km every day with many carrying 15-20 litres of water per trip.

“Research shows that too many Australians aren’t walking enough, but for far too many women and girls overseas, it’s the opposite; the daily task of walking to collect water, food or firewood is a burden that means many miss out on going to school or having the chance to earn an income to lift themselves out of poverty,” she said.

Dr Newton-Howes aslo highlighted the health benefits associated with the Walk In Her Shoes challenge.

“A few thousand extra steps during Walk In Her Shoes will go a long way to improving your fitness, but will also mean a lifetime of benefits to thousands of women in some of the world’s poorest countries,” she said.

CEO of CARE Australia Dr Julia Newton-Howes discusses extreme poverty and women. Source: One Just World Youtube

UOW students explain how they would approach CARE Australia’s ‘Walk In Her Shoes’ challenge to walk 25km, 50km or 100km in a week.

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