The University of Wollongong’s (UOW) Live Art Week will move online for the first time starting Monday.

The event, which includes live artwork and art activities, is traditionally run at UOW’s main campus but, due to COVID-19 restrictions, it will now run online.

Unilife Entertainment and Events Coordinator Rachel Watson said the restrictions were more reason for people to participate.

“Even if you don’t usually do creative pursuits, it’s an opportunity to get involved. Creativity and art is just so beneficial, especially for your mental health during a time like this,” Ms Watson said.

“We just really want to get students involved because we want to help them out, plus it’ll be a really fun time.”

Live Art Week will include online submissions from artists.

Psychedelic artist Anthony Jones (AyJay) will live-stream his creation of a VR sculpture in real-time on UniLife’s Facebook page on Wednesday.

Mr Jones said going digital was important for any creator.

“Making that transition online is essential these days, that’s where everyone is. Especially in these moments of isolation, online is one of the only ways of communicating what we’re doing behind the scenes,” Mr Jones said.

“Creating art online is something that’s brand new to me. I’ve only been doing it for the last 6 months to a year, however the medium of virtual reality…. Feels very familiar to me.”

Saltwater Dreamtime will share an art timelapse for the Home Mural Festival next Tuesday.

Musicians KatsNotDogs and Theodore Kidd will live stream separate performances across the week.

Ms Watson said UniLife was happy to help artists adapt to social-distancing restrictions.

“Some have really taken on this new change and are wanting to transform their art to something that’s translatable online,” Ms Watson said.

“[They] are just adapting to the time that they’re in, and we’re really happy to get involved in virtually bringing live art week to students.”

Live Art Week will also have interactive activities for the audience.

There will be at-home challenges, including sculpture design, colouring, and nail art, throughout the week.

Ms Watson said art teachers from Pinot & Picasso Wollongong will host a free online class at 7pm Thursday.

“In previous years we’ve done an in-person, wine and paint class, we want to bring that to students online,” she said.

“They can either use what they have at home… or they can order[supplies] from Pinot and Picasso and tune in.”