This Friday, the Illawarra Music Foundry will showcase UniBar’s best acts of 2023, all in one night.

The Illawarra Music Foundry runs the Open Mic Nights at the UOW UniBar every Tuesday night, as well as other events such as UOW’s Got Talent. It’s owner, Mark Lenzo, promises a night full of incredible music.

“All the acts you’ll witness have not only excelled in their respective genres but have also garnered recognition in competitions such as UOW’s Got Talent or The Jam,” he said.

“Moreover, these artists have demonstrated remarkable growth in their musical journeys every time they graced the UOW stage.”

Entry is free to all with the first act beginning at 6:00pm and wrapping up at 11:45pm.

The lineup includes UOW’s Got Talent winner Finding Darcy, who won a $500 cash prize at the event, which was guest hosted by Australian comedian Anh Do.

Another act, Streless, is gearing up their setlist for the showcase night. Lead singer Max Mandile revealed that his band is struggling a bit with scheduling, having to call in a friend to help them this Friday.

“Jack (drummer) is gonna be in Sydney and Sal (lead guitarist) is gonna be in the [Blue] Mountains during the showcase,” he said.

“That’s why we have Aaron on drums to fill-in for Jack.”

Max went on to praise the vibrant community of local musicians that come to the Open Mic Nights at UOW’s UniBar.

“I can hear Autumn Sunset practicing right now, they’re a jazzy sort of band and they’re brilliant,” he said.

“Finding Darcy, they’re pretty good, they’re good fun.

“Jason Kelly and Hugo Howe are brilliant. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone really.”