UOW is reinforcing its stand against gender-based violence by formally endorsing the Women’s Safety Charter established by the Greater Cities Commission.

The Women’s Safety Charter is set to bring together organisations from across private, government, and communities in order to establish safer areas for women, girls, and gender-diverse people.

Chief Integrity Officer at UOW Professor Trish Mundy said that the Women’s Safety Charter was a great initiative that gave the University the opportunity to have a noticeable impact on the issue surrounding gender-based discrimination and violence.

“The Charter’s founding principles of championing a culture of gender equality through collaboration and continuous improvement are at the core of our university values,” Professor Mundy said.

“Our commitment is reflected in the provision of trauma-informed support provided by UOW’s Safe and Respectful Communities team for those who have experience sexual and other harms”

UOW remains an integral member of a diverse network of organisations committed to the Women’s Safety Charter.

UOW’s Safe and Respective Communities (SARC) has implemented a number of projects that push for the improvement of student safety on and off campus, such as Set The Bar, Consent Matters, and Ride with Respect.

UOW Vice-Chancellor Professor Patricia M. Davidson said the university’s enthusiasm will always take forward steps to create a safer environment for the students.

“UOW will always strive to be a safe place for all,”  Professor Davidson said.

“Most women and gender diverse people know the feeling of unease and concern.”

“The Women’s Safety Charter is working to address that. It places safety at the centre of its approach to future planning”.

The Women’s Safety Charter aims to change the attitudes and behaviour surrounding women’s safety by focusing on transport, active transport and mobility, communication and education and many more.