The University of Wollongong’s (UOW) Rover Team is eager to compete in the 2025 Adelaide Rover Challenge after the team debut late last month.

The team scored 69 of 600 points based on its first concept report, the systems acceptance review, and its performance in the event.

The UOW Rover Team was one of nine at the competition that took place over two days. Initially, 18 teams were invited to participate.

The UOW Rover Team’s project manager Hunter de Jong said while the team did not rank well, it had learned what it needed to improve for next year.

“Whilst our points weren’t there, we still got halfway up the roster because we stuck through. Even in our tiny timeframe and smaller budget than other universities,” Mr de Jong said.

The UOW Rover Team will meet this Friday to assess where they went wrong and start drafting a new plan for the 2025 competition.