Research from the University of Wollongong (UOW) has brought attention to the difficulties of patient care in aged care facilities.


Russell Pearson, Clinical Associate at UOW’s School of Medicine, explored the attitudes of General Practitioners (GP’s) in residential aged care facilities, and factors that would affect their participation. “The GP’s expressed enjoyment in aged care and felt that they had a duty to be involved”, Pearson said.

Some barriers GP’s faced in aged care included low pay, and time consuming administrative processes that made locating and treating patients difficult. The research comes at a time where there are concerns surrounding Australia’s ageing population. The number of patients in aged care currently sits at 270, 000 Australia wide, and is set to increase to over 700, 000 by 2050.

Pearson has broadened his research to include barriers and difficulties faced by residential aged care facilities in accessing GP’s. He hopes that through research and awareness, practices can be put in place that make healthcare more efficient and accessible for aged care patients.