Some of the nation’s leading young sportspeople will throw down a challenge on Wollongong fields in coming days.

The Under 24s Ultimate Frisbee team, ‘The Goannas will take to the University of Wollongong this weekend, for an intensive training camp. The camp is in preparation for the upcoming World Championships in Nottingham (UK) and will see them take on the Australian opens team ‘The Dingoes’ as part of a showcase event. The game is set to take place at 11 am, on UOW Oval, this Sunday.

The University of Wollongong’s Ultimate Frisbee Club has three Goanna representatives, including co-captain Jono Keyes, Coby Ryan and Callum Faulkner. Club members, who meets on Thursdays for a pick-up game at Thomas Dalton Park, will be there in force on Sunday to cheer on their club-mates.

Ultimate frisbee is a unique, fast-paced game that combines the passing of netball, the jumping and catching of AFL, and the touchdown-scoring of NFL. The world championships will take place 1 July – 8 July.

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