Puppy school isn’t always about training the puppy, it’s also about training the owner. Having a four-legged friend in the family can be a challenge, and owners need to be on their toes, according to a Wollongong puppy trainer.

The ‘Naughty Dog School’,¬†Unanderra, educates dog owners about the best ways to train and care for their fury friends. ¬†“We train the owners to train their dogs,” Naughty Dog School puppy coordinator Fiari Lopez said.

Puppy owner Craig Diversi said the school has taught him about desexing, worming, vaccinating and provided the tools that allow him to successfully tell his little Staffy to ‘sit’, ‘drop’ and ‘stay.’

“The training is helping me more than the dog,” Mr Diversi said.

Ms Lopez said the puppy school allows the pups to socialise and become familiar with other dogs, while the dog owners can sit and listen to the best tips on understanding how to create the perfect bond between owner and dog.