An announcement by the Wollongong City Council to implement road safety speed bumps around the Towradgi hump has upset locals and fans of the daredevil jump.

The bridge which is known for its sharp incline, has been a spectacle for Towradgi for years and the councils message that it will be no more has angered some residents.

One resident in particular is musician and band member of the famous Four Kinsmen, Steve Radburn, who said that for many, the bridge has always been a coming of age experience for new drivers.

“I remember when I got my first car and me and six mates decided to go over the hump at a not so safe speed. Let’s just say that it ended in some sore heads,” Mr Radburn said.

In line with the content of Towradgi Humposting, here is my attempt at making a meme that truly sheds light on the beauty and significance of the Towradgi Hump.