Delegate tickets for the Wollongong University Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs Society’s (WUDFA) National Model United Nations conference go on sale this Friday, 18th of August 2023.  

The conference calls upon students from all over Australia to participate, scheduled to take place over three enriching days from the 6th to the 8th of October 2023.  

The society’s Vice-President, Hinnah Khan, said that the academic event is dual in nature, providing a unique social experience that a lot of Australian university students seek.  

“GongMUN is a unique blend of academic discussion and social vibrancy that many Australian university students want and need,” Khan said.   

A Model United Nations (MUN) event is a platform that enables students to engage in realistic simulations of United Nations conferences. The event promises to bring together budding diplomats, policy enthusiasts and global affairs connoisseurs.  

The goal is to arrive at comprehensive solutions to real-world problems while adhering to the diplomatic processes followed by the actual United Nations.   

The society is dedicated to the event’s organisation. Miss Khan emphasised that countless hours of the society’s time is put into planning and preparing.   

“Organising GongMUN is no small task,” Khan said.  

“Hours and hours of meetings since the end of last year have been poured into planning, from selecting thought-provoking committee topics to arranging logistics to hooking up networks with big-time international guests.”  

University student and WUDFA member, Aariya Luitel, shared her excitement about the event’s climax, the finale ball that takes place on night two. 

“I love the discussion part of MUNs so much, but nothing beats the social night after two days of diplomatic discussion,” Luitel said, “It’s such a good way to unwind, celebrate our hard work and bond with other delegates that we’ve met.”  

Reflecting on her most recent experience, Luitel said that her attendance at GongMUN in 2022 was a turning point for her.  

“It fuelled my passion for Model UNs and international affairs,” Luitel said, “In fact, the experience was so good that a few months later, I signed up for the Canberra trip to the Australian National University’s MUN.”  

GongMUN is not limited to intense committee sessions, speeches and debates alone. The event promises a mix of social activities, ensuring participants have a well-rounded experience.  

From trivia sessions to picnics of breakfasts and lunches that facilitate informal discussions, attendees will have ample opportunities to interact and forge lasting connections.