The Year of 2005

1. Twitter or tablets had not been invented

2. Facebook was known as “The Facebook” and was still restricted to exclusive use

3. The iPhone did not exist

4. John Howard was Prime Minister and Bob Carr was NSW Premier*

5. The West Tigers won the NRL grand final

6. Makybe Diva won the Melbourne Cup a historic 3rd time in a row

7. England won The Ashes back from Australia for the first time since 1987

8. Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s couch and declared his love for Katie Holmes.

9. Kerry Packer, Australia’s richest man, died

10. The Prayer by Australian Idol contestant Anthony Callea and Don’t Cha by the Pussy Cat Dolls topped the ARIA singles chart

11. Schapelle Corby was convicted of drug smuggling by an Indonesian court, and sentenced to 20 years in prison

12. Brokeback Mountain, 40-Year-Old Virgin, Batman Begins and King Kong were all released

*Bob Carr was replaced by Morris Iemma on 3 August 2005