FIFA officials have threatened to impose a ‘blackout’ for European viewers of the upcoming Women’s World Cup if they fail to increase their bids to broadcast the competition.

Officials have noted, with an anticipated audience of two billion people globally for the Women’s Football World Cup that begins 20 July, European countries should be willing to pay premium for rights to the games.

Some countries have been revealed to have offered as little as one per cent of what they paid for rights to the Qatar Men’s World Cup held last year.

The value of women’s football has been the discussion of FIFA officials and local athletes alike.

Reporter Isla Evans spoke to athletes and coaches of the University of Wollongong’s division of the Tottenham Hotspur Global Football Program on the rise of support of women’s football.

Hear more from Tottenham Global Football Athlete Alicia Meuronen on joining the Tottenham Global Football Program, balancing sports and study, and how she’s feeling about the upcoming Women’s World Cup being held in her home country.