Australia got its first look at the new 5 dollar note design, and the initial reviews aren’t great.


Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 2.52.15 PM

The Reserve Bank has released the new Australian $5 design. We came up with a few ‘alternative’ designs, and asked UOW students what they thought of the options.

Roger, the Buff Kangaroo
How better to combine the beauty of the Australian environment, with our love of getting ripped at the gym, than this fully-stacked kanga-bro? One thing that we know for sure is that he never misses leg-day…


Leigh Sales
Queen Elizabeth may be the head of state, but we wondered: who’s the REAL Queen of Australian politics? Who is the fearless woman that holds our politicians to account, and to whom we entrust with the affairs of the day? The magnificent Leigh Sales of course, depicted here in full-on grill mode.



“Just waiting for a mate”
This bloke, whatever his name is, is the personification of those great Australian qualities: never dogging on your mates, and lying to the cops.



Trent from Punchy
Trent! Trent! Trent! A true icon of Australia’s working class, Trent from Punchy would be perfectly suited to be immortalised on the Stuey Diver, if only so that every time we pulled one out, we’d be reminded that Kev is a sicko.


Linda from ‘Round the Twist’
With the opportunity to re-design the Galah, comes the responsibility to acknowledge some of the heroes from Australia’s past, and for those of us watching afternoon television some time around 1999, the wacky adventures of Pete, Linda and Bronson, was the Australian dream fully-realised.



Russell Coight
Maaaate. You want an Aussie icon for the pink snapper? We couldn’t go past the all-Aussie adventure-man himself… Remember, “the name of the game is survival, except it’s not a game it’s deadly serious”.


So, what do YOU reckon?