Wollongong Art Gallery’s most recent exhibition is a stroll down memory lane, with artworks depicting the history of Port Kembla steelworks.

‘Steel Town Port Kembla’ is made up of 85 different works from the gallery’s collection, including some that have never been displayed to the public.

Exhibition director Louise Brand said it is the first exhibition of its kind at the Wollongong Art Gallery. The gallery extended the exhibition to include an open-mic night, poetry readings and a historic walking tour of historic Wentworth Street in Port Kembla.

“It’s great to see local artists rally around their history,” Ms Brand said.

“It really helps generate community interest and gets visitors of all ages coming and going.

“It’s definitely the most versatile and interesting way to get into the Illawarra’s history.”

The exhibition will run at the Wollongong Art Gallery until 22 May. The open-mic night on will be on 15 May, and the historical Port Kembla walking tour on 16 April.