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Artists old and young have come together in an exhibition that highlights Illawarra homes past and present.

The exhibition at the Wollongong Art Gallery, aptly titled ‘A Place to Call Home’, is a collection of various styles and eras of art, all inspired by homes in the Illawarra.

“What these do is they provide the images that the text does not provide so therefore they provide a wealth of information about the history of Wollongong,” Dr Davies said.

Local artist Riste Andrievski was inspired by his surroundings as a child living in Port Kembla with his migrant father.

“They’re works based on Cringila, which is the area my father came out from Macedonia back in 1964 […] and that was my backyard.”

The exhibition is on display until the 21st July, for more information head to the Wollongong Art Gallery website.