Have you ever thought about what it’s like to be a real-life punk? Sam Gordon, guitarist and vocalist for the 4-piece punk outfit, ‘The Bush Doofs’, is here to tell you a story about what goes on behind closed doors in the punk scene.

Sam is an integral member of The Bush Doofs, contributing his vocal and guitar skills to their music. Alongside Sam, there’s Matt on guitar, Dylan on Bass, and Connor on the drums. Together, the group produces a raw, unapologetically Aussie-bogan sound, heavily inspired by The Chats.

Sam takes us back to a gig the group performed earlier this year at a venue in Leichhardt, Sydney. He recalls a fantastic crowd supporting the gig, and a not so fantastic interaction later that night. The group was contacted via social media, where they were accused of stealing music equipment from the venue.

Sam says he and the other band members felt cut following the accusation, given they had thought it’d been a good night. And there was no evidence supporting the venue’s claim.

The accusation was later found to be false, as the venue had unfortunately not recorded the fact that a different group had hired said equipment that same night. The club apologised for any harm caused.

Both Sam as well as Connor, The Bush Doofs’ drummer, explained that they believed they had been accused due to the hooligan image young punks may inadvertently possess. Considering the delinquent, anti-rule stereotype surrounding the genre, as well as Sam’s appearance, they seemed to believe he and the band were fairly obvious culprits.

As seen in the YouTube video attached, day-to-day attire for Sam includes a Heavy Metal band t-shirt, an eyebrow piercing as well as an eyebrow slit, spiked and dark-dyed hair.

Despite the this image, Sam speaks about how The Bush Doofs aren’t trying to cause any harm, but genuinely enjoy gigging, writing and playing the music they create. He talks about the passion he has for performance, and how he has grown up surrounded by the punk genre, hence his love for the scene.