Do you struggle to focus? You’re not alone- according to a study by Microsoft Corp, the average attention span of a human is less than a goldfish.

Since 2000 (or around when the mobile revolution began) the average attention span of a human has dropped to 8.25 seconds. To put that into perspective, a goldfish can maintain a solid 9 seconds and even remember where it has left its food for up to 2 weeks.

We’ve developed a short list of apps to help you make the most of those 8.25 seconds in the exams to come.

1. Maths Alarm Clock
Free/ Mobile only
Do you struggle with oversleeping in the morning… or after a nap? Are you a ‘snooze button addict’? This one is for you. Unlike conventional alarm clocks, the Math Alarm Clock makes you solve a multiple-choice math puzzle before shutting the alarm off.

The good: The app is user friendly and fully customisable, allowing you to set the difficulty of the math puzzle and the number of questions. It also allows you to set your own ringtone and wake up to your own music.

The bad: Maths. Pro tip: be honest about your math ability.


2. Easy Tomato Timer/Pomodoro Technique
Free/ All devices
Originally developed in the 1980s, the Pomodoro Technique of time management uses a timer to break down study into short (traditionally 25 minutes) study intervals, coupled with 10-minute breaks.

The good: The app is incredibly easy to navigate with two simple timers to allocate study and break time.

The bad: The Pomodoro Technique won’t make you log out of those addictive social media accounts or prevent you from receiving notifications/texts or calls. Pro tip: Try not to get hungry.


3. Freedom App & Website blocker
Free for the first month/ $2.50 per month/ All devices
For those self confessed ‘social media addicts’, this app is your worst nightmare. Boasting a ‘world-famous’ status, the app blocks the most distracting websites and apps from grabbing new content.

The good: The app is easy to use and features a scheduling function for you to plan out regular study sessions. It also works on all devices and uses a ‘Limited VPN Profile’, meaning that when it blocks content, it’s not accessing your server. Translation: it’s secure and private.

The bad: Although the app can block everything from social media accounts to email access, it can’t block phone calls or texts and also cannot stop you from opening apps. Pro Tip: Turn your phone to ‘Do not disturb’.


4. The Most Dangerous Writing App
Free/Online only
Developed to help those with writers block, this brutal web tool gives you a platform to type anything and everything you desire in timed increments (3-50 minutes). However if you stop typing the app begins to delete your words. The app also features ‘Hardcore’ mode, which doesn’t even allow you to see what you’ve written and definitely lives up to its name.

The good: The app is user friendly and is ideal for those struggling to focus.

The bad: Using this app can be really stressful, and with no save function you should be confident in your cut/copy abilities prior to committing. Pro tip: Don’t freak out, just type.


5. Headspace: Meditation Techniques
Free for the first 10x sessions/$12.99 per month/ One off payment of $399.99/ Mobile only
Science has proven the numerous benefits of meditation: from reducing depression, stress and worry to boosting health, focus, productivity and self control, the Headspace Meditation app takes you through 10x 10 minute guided mediation sessions.

The good: The app is incredibly user friendly. It features incremental learning and thoughtful reflection so as not to overload or bore the user, but rather create a really useful habit.

The bad: After your first 10x free sessions, you better be sure you’re going to keep the habit up, as the subscription is incredibly expensive to maintain. But hey, how much is your mental health worth?


Cover image: True Activist