As the lights go down on live community theatre, Engadine Musical Society has experienced a virtual curtain call as they staged their first instalment of Singing Through Life.

Singing Through Life is an at-home concert series created by Engadine Musical Society (EMS) for their patrons.

Vice President of EMS Amanda Oscuro described the show as an uplifting way to bring the community together during trying times.

“Singing Through Life is a is a light-hearted, easy to watch concert, that is sure to put a smile on your face,” Mrs Oscuro said.

“Our society is coming together at this time to create something special for audiences. Our goal is to keep people entertained whilst they are locked in their homes.”

The first instalment of the show was published on May 29 to EMS’ Facebook page and is proudly supported by the Sutherland Entertainment Centre,  as well as the Sutherland Shire Council.

Video: Singing Through Life

The virtual concert series features some of EMS’s past performers from productions such as Cinderella and Mamma Mia The Musical.

Featured performer Alexis Hutchinson emphasises the importance of creative outlets such as Singing Through Life during COVID-19.

“The Arts are what people are turning to right now to stay entertained and happy during this pandemic,” Miss Hutchinson said.

“Singing Through Life gives local musical theatre audiences something musical to watch, in place of their usual Netflix whilst also supporting local talent.”

EMS is a not for profit community theatre group that has been entertaining the Sutherland Shire for over 40 years.

EMS was set to perform Wicked at Engadine Theatre in May 2020, but due to COVID-19, the production has been rescheduled.

Mrs Oscuro said Singing Through Life is an important way to help preserve the Sutherland Shire’s love of theatre.

“Singing through life is EMS’s way of doing what we can to make sure theatre doesn’t sink,” Mrs Oscuro said.

“It is super important to us that we keep advocating for the arts. We need to advocate so that the government understands how important the arts is to the community, so that it will continue to fund it once this pandemic is over.”

There had been 7774 views of the show since June 11.

The next instalment of Singing Through Life is set to air on Friday June 19, again posted to the Facebook page.