Kooloobong residents are planning their budgets in relation to the increase in rent that will be implemented at the end of 2023. 

All room rent prices will increase by $10, with an additional $20 for rooms with recently installed air conditioners and heaters.

UOW first-year Neuroscience student, Hannah Smith said that there will be no changes or improvements made to the accommodation that would benefit her. 

“There have been rooms where air conditioners and heaters have been installed. If I remember correctly, they are more expensive than the standard rooms,” Miss Smith said. 

“Either way, I know I’m going to struggle next year. I’m going to have to cut down on weekly expenses to ensure the cost is manageable.” 

All other UOW accommodation will be increasing in rent by similar rates, although Graduate House and Bangalay are increasing significantly more, with some rooms increasing up to $30 a week. There are concerns this may deter future students from choosing student accommodation. 

UOW law student, Kasarni Small said more resources are needed to help students pay their rent.

“There is always Centrelink but I’m unsure if I am even eligible to get it. I know many people in student accommodation that struggle aren’t able to get Centrelink because they are ineligible,” Miss Small said. 

Many residents are planning their next move. The opportunity to move to more affordable housing options is becoming increasingly appealing to those who fear the financial issues of the upcoming rental increase.