Have you ever used a sneaky stock photo? It might have been photos of business people doing yoga (because you obviously wanted to show business people doing business things, while also exercising) for a power point presentation back in days of internet dial-up connection sounds. With Fairfax photographers likely on the way out to be outsourced to Getty Images here is a celebration of stock photos gone wrong.

The Huffington Post did a fantastic  series on stock photo blogs in This Week in Stock Photos. I have scoured the internet to find the most hilarious stock photo blogs… so you don’t have to.


Example number one: I wish something, anything, made me as happy as these women are with their salad:



Nothing says I’m a local person like these local people with their arms crossed:



Apparently, according to stock photo cliche, the hardest thing for a woman to do is resist delicious cake and pie:



I wonder what it was that these people were looking at to be so shocked looking at computers:



But, they may have been distracted by distracted people chopping vegetables:



The distracted people chopping vegetables could also be distracted by the handsome black man drinking tea or coffee with strong eye contact:


In stark contrast to those handsome gentlemen of that Facebook page, there appears to some women who are struggling to drink water:



Of course, there is a dedicated blog devoted to all of your awkward stock photo needs:



Do you have any personal favourites? Let us know!