Have you heard about Spotify’s new features but are confused about how it differs from other streaming services? Below is everything you need to know about the new service and why it is different.

Not just your average music streaming service:

Spotify will now add TV shows, Podcasts and even radio shows.

According to News.com.au, the extra video content from partners, such as  Comedy Central and the BBC, will not only be available for paying customers but also its 45 million followers who listen for free.

Solving the Paradox of choice: 

Too much choice can sometimes be a bad thing. Spotify has tackled the needle in a haystack problem of trying to find music you like among endless choices. They have done this by building automatic playlists based on the time of day and your mood. Yes, Google and Rdio already do this, but Spotify will also add podcasts and video content to this.



Image credit to wired.com

For runners who struggle to keep their motivation going throughout the day, Spotify now matches its music to your pace. According to The Verge, Spotify uses smartphone sensors to recognise your tempo and then makes a playlist that syncs to your pace. As your beats per minute change, so does the song.

How it differs:

According to business insider, Spotify’s transition into video is to compete with other video streaming services like Vimeo and YouTube.
Spotify differs from other streaming services because it will now be a 24-hour entertainment destination.