Coalition MPs are outraged by the findings of a review into the Safe Schools education program.

The Safe Schools Coalition initiative promotes itself as a program which aims to create safe and inclusive environment for homosexual, intersex and gender diverse students in Australian Schools. One government MP referred to the program as a “gateway drug” for children to experiment with sex, as reported by The Australian.

The independent review was requested by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after Liberal Party members expressed concern the program’s focus on sexuality was inappropriate for children.

Its findings were presented by University of Western Australia Emeritus’ Professor Bill Louden on Tuesday night. One coalition MP slammed Louden’s methods. “It has the appearance of an examination but it’s just a fraud,” he told ABC News. 

Liberal Backbencher Ewan Jones, who supports the program, said the issue would continue to divide the Coalition.

“Those people who believe that it’s a bad program weren’t convinced by what the professor had to say,” Jones told Fairfax Media. “Those people who believe that giving teachers the information they require to make their own judgments were happy with what the professor was saying.”

The review suggested making some changes to the way the program was implemented in schools, but it found no reason to scrap the program. Despite this, some LNP members are demanding Education Minister Simon Birmingham’s resignation if he doesn’t suspend the initiative, according to

Students are concerned the attacks on the program will leave them more vulnerable to bullying.