A recent online feud between hip-hop artists Drake and Kendrick Lamar has generated conversation surrounding the effects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the music industry.

The controversy surrounding the authenticity of tracks has turmoiled discussion, particularly following the unofficial release of Drakes’s “Taylor Made Freestyle” diss track, which saw a feature from deceased artist and iconic West Coast hip-hop figure Tupac Shakur.

Appeals from Tupac’s Estate have resulted in the Canadian rapper to removing the record from both his YouTube and Instagram accounts.

This has since raised several ethical questions regarding how to appropriately use AI as a musical tool rather than exploiting it.

Bachelor of Music student at the University of Western Sydney and part-time musician Lachlan Lane understands the capabilities AI music engines such as Suno and Udio possess.

Mr Lane says that as music creation becomes easier than ever, it could eventually eclipse authentic material altogether.

“The most significant impact (of AI) is that it has the ability to wipe out authenticity entirely”.

“You look at music generators in 2024 after AI has only been around for a few years, in the last year alone, the developments that have been insane”.

“I have friends that use AI to make music in my degree, which is crazy”.

“AI has definitely made me more cautious of what I listen to”.

In early 2023, an anonymous music creator going by the alias of “Ghostwriter 977” created an AI-generated Drake and The Weeknd song titled “Heart on my Sleeve,” gaining millions of online impressions in the process.



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Although this was the first instance of original material created by AI, it certainly wasn’t the last. The list of artists affected includes Taylor Swift, Travis Scott, and even Lana Del Ray.

As a result, this has put all music creatives,, including Lachlan Lane,, on high alert. He says we are still learning the full powers of these tools and how drastically they will shake up the music industry.