A Wollongong animal welfare group is trying to change negative perception’s of rescue dogs through puppies and a glass of wine.

Dagwood hosted a ‘Puppies and Pinot’ day at the the popular Market Street bar.

Wollongong Animal Rescue Network (WARN), an animal rescue charity, is collaborating with Dagwood to help bring awareness to rescue dogs in an effort to change public perception.

WARN volunteer Nirmala Kirkman said the event was a huge success.

“The reaction has been positive,” Ms Kirkman said.

“However, people still have their perceptions about rescue dogs, especially the older ones.”

Despite public reservations when it comes to older rescue dogs, Ms Kirkman believes there had been an increase in adoption rates as a result of this event, with many people asking to adopt a puppy they saw during one of the sessions.

For $10 those interested spent 30 minutes of quality one-on-one time with the rescue puppies.

Attendee Sophie Elliott said the event had managed to change her perception of rescue dogs.

“I never really held any negativity towards rescue dogs, but coming here has really opened my eyes to the issues all rescue animals face,” she said.

The $10 spent on each session goes back into the charity to help the rescue animals in WARN’s care, which operates on donations.

It is hoped that a kitten and greyhound event, similar to ‘Puppies and Pinot’ will be held in the near future.