The world’s best surfers took to a new stage in Brazil overnight. Saquarema a punchy beach break, known for backbreaking backwash and the ability to withstand solid 10-12 feet of the Atlantic oceans wrath. Shoalhaven locals took to the new location with mixed results.

With the event’s post heat interviews being littered with language such as “tough”, “tricky” and “difficult” the south coast surfers struggles were echoed throughout the field. World number 1’s Stephanie Gilmore and John John Florence both scraped through their first round heats defeating their opponents by the skin of their teeth.



Gerroa local Sally Fitzgibbons put together another strong performance. Staking her claim as a title contender in 2017. Sally’s stylish backhand slash out classed Tattiana Weston-Webb and Pauline Ado. Sending the pair into the elimination round, round two.

South coast siblings Tyler and Owen Wright struggled through their heats both being relegated to the dreaded round two. Tyler looked jolted against the in form Hawaiian, Co Co Ho. Fear not, the Brazilian beach break is so similar to many of our South Coast locations so both brother and sister should perform in their upcoming heats. Fellow Australian Julian Willson topped the days proceedings dropping a delightfully innovative 9.77, fighting his recent run of poor form to muscle his way straight into the safety of round three.