While Yours and Owls was rained-out this year, Wollongong still has a lot of live music gigs coming up, with Port Kembla Festival taking place on April 23.

The event is being organised by Harrison Hall, through his live music production business Holy Pavlova. But music won’t be the only attraction; food trucks, light installations, and even yoga classes will all be activities for festival-goers to participate in. With many different venues along Wentworth Street offering something unique.

This hybrid festival/street party approach to live music is expected to benefit not just the bands (who are still being paid), but also the local businesses.

Chris Weedon is the owner of Black Metal Motor Co, a small motorcycle shop on Wentworth Street that specialises in Italian bikes.

He’s hoping that by hosting DJ sets for the festival, he can boost awareness of his business.

“It’s about exposure, you don’t put a business on Wentworth Street and rely on passing traffic,” Mr Weedon said.

Tickets are free, but they are limited. If you want to get them, head over to the Port Kembla Festival Facebook page to sign up.